Three years before my diagnosis, I signed up this cancer policy, a hospitalization policy and a disability policy. Little did I know that the cancer policy also covered “specified diseases” and that MS was one of those diseases. Soon I would be diagnosed with it.


I’ve used these policies sparingly over the years, but what I found out recently and as a result of this stem cell transplant is that travel expenses for my trips back and forth to Chicago are partially covered! Wow! This includes airfare, hotel, ground transportation and the same thing for my “caretaker” for these trips. I highly recommend looking into these kinds of policies with Allstate At Work and Aflac.

Having said that, I have filed my first claim for the expenses incurred during my first trip to Chicago. I filed it using their on on-line claim filing system on Allstate’s website on Wednesday and its current status is “RECEIVED – AWAITING EXAMINER REVIEW”.  Stay tuned and we’ll see how long this takes.