I’m so happy that my health insurance company is saying that they’ll pay for the expenses for next trip to Chicago. However, after filing similar claims with Allstate at Work where everything is done electronically and you know what’s going on every step of the way via email, Humana’s low tech methods seem a little primitive. 

The instructions I received from the nurse handling my case in Humana’s Transplant team was to collect my receipts, type up a summary of the expenses being filed and drop it in the mail to a specified address. Later, a check would be delivered to me. Oh wow! This seems very uncertain to me in a day in age where a pizza delivery order communicates the progress of your order with amazing precision. This is an expense report for $1200!

I splurged a little and sent it UPS so I could track the shipment and I know it made it there, but now I’m waiting by the mailbox for a check. Welcome to 1980!