I realized that I have brought you all in during the middle of the story – or is it the end? Regardless, here’s a bit of history…

I was diagnosed with MS soon after an attack on St. Patrick’s Day 2009. I was spending the day with my visiting sister and her family at Walt Disney World. It was hot. We did every attraction that day and with about two hours to go before we packed it in, I started having trouble walking. My legs were stiff and my lower back was killing me. I thought I threw my back out and I did my best to make it through the day. I remember the exact moment that I knew something was really wrong. I was walking from the side of Space Mountain to the train station to hop a ride to the front of the park and I knew this was something worse than I thought.

Despite being in the most magical place on earth with the people that make me happy, emotionally the times were a mixed bag in general. The marriage to my son’s mother was over and work were a mess – it was very stressful times. Even though my relationship with my now wife was going very well, I was stressed out. Knowing what I know now, an attack was eminent.