This was a quick trip. A frustrating trip trip, but a good one – everything about the trip other than the actual reason I went sucked a lot! Weather. Delayed flights. Lost luggage. More weather. The trip and all its tests were requested by my insurance company, Humana, so they could have the information they needed to decided whether or not to pay for the transplant.

My flight out of Orlando was late and I was bound to miss my connection in Detroit. When I arrived in Detroit the guy pushing my wheelchair literally ran to the next gate. When we arrived the door was closed (last flight of the night) and I expected to spend the night in Detroit (with no luggage). However, I told the lady at the gate why I was going to Chicago and that my first appointment was at 7:15am. She opened the door and ran to stop them from closing the door on the plane. She removed the last stand-by flyer (in a non-violent way, BTW) and I was on my way – luggage didn’t make it..

The next morning the testing began with a pulminary test and spun out of control from there   🙂

7:15 – Pulinary Tests

8:30 – Echo

9:30 – Labs

10:30 – X-rays

11:30 – EKG

12:00 – Lunch at original Uno’s

1:30 – (Still without luggage) bought a hoodie to try and keep warm

2:30 – EDSS eval (just how disabled are you?)

3:30 – Meeting with Dr. Burt

Then I went back to the hotel and slept for 5 hours, got up, ate room service, hit a generous mini bar, and went back to bed for the night.

The next morning, I got up early, called for a car, packed and before heading out the door, my Delta app alerted that my flight was delayed. I tried to find another flight, but I couldn’t so I headed to the airport to fix the flight. When I got there they offered me absolutely no viable solutions. I asked if they could book me on another airline. And, after 10 minutes of typing, the agent got me on a direct flight (in first class) on United. Note: this was before United started dragging people off their airplanes so I got on the plane with no hesitation.

Now I’m home and I’m waiting for Humana to make a decision. I struggle with the fact that my life is in the hands of an insurance company. A company that does it’s best to not pay for medical treatment so that can increase its profits.

Stay tuned…