Since getting my approval a week ago, I’ve been working on a few things. Dr. Burt took me off Aubagio immediately and I began flushing out my system with a pleasant little power disolved into my OJ called Cholestryramine. Additionally, I will be doing a bunch of lab work for my Neurologist, my Primary Care physician and Dr. Burt. The last of which will determine if this powder is doing its job to make 100% Aubagio-free (if not, it’ll be another 10 days of these wonderful little cocktails).

On top of this, and maybe because of the drink, I have lost 9 pounds since the approval – this is a pleasant surprise as I was hoping to shed some weight prior to treatment in the hopes that it would make recovery a little easier. The truth of the matter is that this stuff is killing my appetite – the idea of eating after doing this drink makes me nauseous . Which means my weight loss is purely accidental, but I’ll take it.

Meanwhile, I’ve become a part of something unique and special. After years of fighting the use of Facebook, clearing out my account and marking it private, I’ve been pulled back in by the group for HSCT patients, veterians and hopefuls. The group is truly helpful – lots of encouragment, lots of information and success stories. For me, all this comes with a bit of personal conflict. I got approved by my insurance company, but a lot of people don’t and it strangely makes me feel guilty as a result. Oh guilt – you are my nemesis.